I went in for an oncologist appointment today and a scheduled velcade infussion. I left there confused as ever. I had a lab work at 0830 this morning and then the oncologist appointment at 1015 and then I was to have the velcade at 1100. The oncologist cancelled the velcade and told me not to re-start the revlimed on Friday (Rev is 15mg/day for days 1-14 with 14 days off) Velcade is infussion days 1, 4, 8, and 11 of 28 day cycle, Dex is every Friday.

I was more worried about starting and stoppong the meds and when my next appointment was than asking what was going on. The oncologist is a great man and we are a super fit, my personality and his mesh very well. he said my blood counts were too low and also that my M spike had gone from 2.0 back up to 2.3. The velcade was suppose to bring that down but didn’t.

anyone have and idea of what is going on? I will try to call later or Tuesday but I feel kind of embarrassed for not having found all of this out before I left.