Well, I finally got out to do something that I really enjoy – Kayaking.  I haven’t been out since last summer.  My back was so bad and my energy level so low that I just couldn’t do it.  After returning to work and moving around, I fel pretty darn good today so we (Sumner – my son) went out on the Mississippi by Brainerd, MN today.  It was a perfect day, we only went two miles downstream but it was nice to be out.  Next activity will be golfing!!  I had the helmet cam strapped to my head most of the time or else held it, so the quality is suspect!  But what the heck!


The worst part of the whole trip was dragging the kayak up the small bank at the end, I was wearing crocs and they kept sliding off.  I almost ended up back down in the river, doing a double back flip.