First Day Back at Work!

Today was my first day back to work since ~March 25 and it was really nice!  I was diagnosed with MM Feb 02, 2009 and started Revlimed/Dex about 3 weeks later.  After 3 months of watching re-runs of Saved by the Bell and the Pro Bowling Association a full day of productivity was satisfiying.  My absensce from work was not due to MM treatment, it was due to back issues! 


The biopsies for the MM diagnosis included the L1 vertebrae, it had a mass on it an was weakened from the MM, eventually I had kyphoplasty done on it and felt fine….as a matter of fact I commented that I felt that I could go out an umpire a basebball game 2 days later.  All was fine for about a weak until my back started hurting agin and I went to the ER and had an MRI done on my back – with contrast.  I was given some hydrocdone and sent home, but went back about 4 days later with terrible back pains.  This time I was admitted with impaired renal function from the contrast in the MRI.  Eventually I had vetebroplasty done on T12, it seems that fixing the other one messed with a comprimised vertbrae.  The recovery of spending ~4 weeks waiting for the vetebroplasty has taken about 2 months.


My chemo has gone from Rev/Dex (25mg Rev) to Rev/Dex/Vel (15mg Rev/40mg Des/Vel) and that seems to have helped with the fatigue issues that I was experiencing.  I am due for Stem Cell Replacement in Septmeber 2009.  I am/am not lookingn forward to that.  The MM has not really seemed to be an issue in my life, maybe I am lucky, dumb, ignorant or all of the above, but I don’t see it slowing me down much. 


I have what I believe to be the best care available, with my local oncologist and the hematolist in Rochester looking after me and my wife Tracy holding me to it, how can everything not go well.   Sure there are daily frustrations, and questions of why and how, but  all and all things could be worse.